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Our mission is to build software that will last over the years.

This may not change the world, but since you can find software everywhere - even in your toaster - maybe we can make life a little bit easier.
Writing good software is a mixture of several ingredients: knowledge, technique, discipline, creativity and passion; these are the qualities that characterize our team.
We work with software at 360 degrees – from embedded firmware on bare metal up to cloud architectures based on cutting edge technologies – providing consulting services and developing custom solutions.



Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

Martin Fowler

Make it work, make it right, make it fast..

Kent Beck



We can provide management and engineering consultancy to help your organisation implement a successful, customized software working method.

Design & Development

Empowered by our know-how, your team will be able to design and build outstanding and effective solutions.


We never stop our journey in the software development methods and our expertize allow us to tailor standard process on specific needs or even work out new approaches.


We are passionate with technology, mixing curiosity with experience we anticipate new trends in the software industry: looking at tomorrow technologies to be ready today.



With many years of experience in the earth observation sector, we gained strong expertise in the platforms and systems for the ground segment.
We work on research and development projects founded by public space agencies, and we collaborate with international research institutions.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Thanks to our collaboration with global companies, we have a deep understanding of supply chain processes and tools.
We can support our customers on requirements gathering, business modeling, and the implementation of new processes and solutions.

Automation & IoT

With our experience in the industrial and energy automation sectors, we can work with MES solutions as well as with edge devices for the IoT.
We can develop embedded software for RTOS or bare metal and work on data integration on many levels up to the Cloud.

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FadeOut Software is located in Genoa - Italy, in front of the ancient port and the famous Acquarium.

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